Major Grading and Lot Clearing Services in Bisbee, Arizona

General Excavation | Land Clearing | General Contracting | Exterior Renovation

We offer quality lot clearing and grading services in Bisbee, Arizona. Clearing or grading proposals may need to be reviewed, and a permit may be required before moving land in order to ensure activity will not negatively impact the environment or existing structures within Bisbee, Arizona. We know how to take out buildings, trees, and thickets that are in the way; and we can do it all at the same time. We have the proper tools to clear and grade your lot. And our crew has years of experience in Bisbee, Arizona knowing the ins and outs of our area ensuring we get the job done quickly and correctly. Lithik Construction Inc has also been providing excavation services and general contracting in Bisbee, Arizona for many years. Over the years, the size and scope of our excavation have grown, as has our fleet of excavation equipment and our team of skilled operators and contractors. Fully licensed, insured, and bonded to work in Bisbee, Arizona, our team is ready for nearly any grading, lot clearing, excavation, and exterior renovation. We know the soil types in Bisbee, Arizona where there are groundwater problems, and how to deal with them making our crew especially experienced for our Bisbee, Arizona area. We take pride in our reputation for sharing and spreading our knowledge with customers and collaborating with our contractors working on the job to achieve the desired result. If you need to clear your newly purchased land quickly and responsibly, we can help. Contact us for a comprehensive description of all our excavation services, lot clearing, general contracting, and much more for our Bisbee, Arizona community.


Electrical Services in Bisbee, Arizona

Electrical Repairs | Breaker Services | Electrical Installations

Electrical services are one of our core elements of business, and we offer years of experience servicing electrical systems in properties all over Bisbee, Arizona. Whether you are looking for a small electrical repair service, such as an outlet not functioning properly, or a complete system upgrade, to breaker installation and repair, we at Lithik Construction Inc. have the experience and staff to make sure that the job is done correctly and in a timely manner. Lithik Construction Inc. has proven time and time again in Bisbee, Arizona, that we are well equipped and more than capable of dedicating an entire team of highly skilled electricians for your project and are valuable for electrical maintenance long after any construction is complete. When you need circuit breaker services, trust your local Bisbee, Arizona, experts at Lithik Construction Inc. We keep our promises to you by sending our professional, insured, licensed, and certified technicians to you. Our technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to fix almost any circuit breaker problem on the spot - quickly and correctly. We provide breaker services and repairs on most brands of equipment, regardless of age, so you can trust us to perform a professional breaker job. Although installing a new circuit panel can be costly, the expert electricians at Lithik Construction Inc. will help assess your Bisbee, Arizona electricity needs. No matter what your home electricity needs are, our Bisbee, Arizona expert installation electricians will help you determine and diagnose any new installation or repair service you may need. Give our professionals a call for an inspection or for more information about our electrical services today!

Septic Services in Bisbee, Arizona

Septic System Repairs | Septic System (Re)Designs | Septic System Installations

At Lithik Construction Inc., we are totally committed to fixing septic system issues of all magnitudes in Bisbee, Arizona, with fair rates and professional service. For years, our family-owned business in Bisbee, Arizona has completed tons of jobs in septic installation, system designs, maintenance, and repairs. No matter which septic issues you have the displeasure of crossing, Lithik Construction Inc. will come to the rescue. With our Bisbee, Arizona state certifications in septic installations, maintenance, and pumping, we have completed an abundance of tasks for satisfied customers in Bisbee, Arizona. Our professionals are licensed, insured, and bonded for all your septic repairs, installations, and services within Bisbee, Arizona. With our septic maintenance know-how, we will thoroughly inspect various types of lines throughout the year to clean out any obstructions so we can prevent back-ups and overflow, as well as substantial expenses to your wallet. We know there's no time to waste when unwanted sewage starts sprouting from the ground. Once we arrive, our experts serving our Bisbee, Arizona community will begin analyzing and diagnosing the situation. Whether your septic tank is backed up or tree roots have wrapped around a line, we will do everything in our power to drive away the pesky problems and more importantly those funky scents with haste. Depending on the extent of damage to your Bisbee, Arizona septic system, you might want to consider purchasing a new septic system. Lucky for you, we happen to be the top professional septic installer in Bisbee, Arizona. Give the friendly professionals at Lithik Construction Inc. a call or email to find out more information about our septic services or to schedule an inspection today!

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