Electrical Services

When one considers what system(s) are undeniably essential to the support, comfort, and safety of a property, chances are that a property’s electrical system will likely lead the list or rank within the top 3 at the very least. An electrical system, when properly mapped, designed, installed, and later maintained, serves as not merely a beacon of accommodation or advancement but actually empowers said beacon altogether. In light of this, we’ve spent over three decades enhancing our understanding and experience in the many aspects, elements, innate variables, potential problems, and inherent electrical issues that many of our clientele’s properties inevitably encounter.

Each electrical system supplies an alternating current of electricity to provide power to many property/home essentials:

  • Varied Appliances (washers dryers, stoves/ovens, refrigerators, freezers, blenders, that much-appreciated Keurig machine happily obtained last holiday season to name a few).
  • Lighting Systems (outdoor landscaping illumination, exterior lighting, security lighting & floodlights as well as the recessed, track, or contemporary lighting systems that provide visibility in the property’s interior).
  • Air Treatment System (centralized heating, furnaces, air conditioners, split-systems, swamp coolers, ductless systems, boilers, etc).
  • Security Systems (internalized & externalized alarms, emergency lighting, motion detectors, breakage sensors, threshold monitoring, secure storage, safe rooms).
  • Sub-system Supplementation (water/pool pumps, photovoltaic [solar] array charge distribution, garages, guest suite/house powering).


How Our Electricians & Electrical Technicians Can Help:


Electrical Repairs

Electrical Replacements

Electrical Remodeling

Electrical (Re)Designs

Electrical (Re)Wiring

Service Panel Coverage
(Main Panels | Sub-Panels | Pedestals)

Breaker Services
(Replacements | Labeling | Designation)

(Tie-Ins | Integration | Main/Sub Lines)

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Installations

Electrical Inspections

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical Upgrades


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