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Excavation Services

We have the heavy equipment and experience to tackle any major grading, lot clearing, or road cutting project you have on hand. We also specialize in crane services, so when you need a company that can do it all with one call, make it Lithik Construction Inc.

Electrical Services

Considering the integral role that of most electrical systems, professional assistnace is always a great idea. When it comes to electrical system services, you want to keep things safe and exact. Call Lithik Construction inc today for all your electrical needs.

Septic Services

When a property’s septic system, septic tank, or the overall septic system has become compromised, outdated, or is simply underperforming, we found it’s in the best to enlist the septic expertise of a professional. Call Lithik Construction Inc for septic services.

Major Grading Services

Lithik Construction Inc. has been in the excavation industry since day one, so major grading, on a commercial or residential scale, is one of out specialties. We have the heavy equipment you need to make your deadlines in an organized and efficient manner.

Lot Clearing Services

Whether you’re looking to clear out your backyard or have a construction site lot cleared completely, let our team of lot clearing professionals guide you through your project to ensure you’re getting everything you need in an organized and timely fashion.

Heavy Equipment Services

Whether you are commercial or municipal, Lithik Construction Inc. has affordable and competative excavation and crane services, because we have the heavy equipment necessary to cut costs without cutting corners. Call Lithik no matter how big of project you have.

“In addition to serving Cochise County, Arizona, CEO Michael Graves and his team have served Saban Entertainment (Power Rangers), as well as Disney and Universal Studios in California. They have done extensive historical renovations in Pasadena and worked with the Burbank, Long Beach, Lynwood, San Dimas, and El Monte School Districts in California.”

Lithik Construction Inc

Why Choose Lithik Construction?



As a part of our continuous efforts to ensure our local clientele (including potential/prospective clients as well as our valued, current/existing customers) has a reliable resource for their many property needs, we are proud, willing, and able to rise to whatever the occasion necessitates. This can include a wealth of service-related options that include new/custom construction, electrical system coverage, and full-range septic system services; much to the chagrin of our would-be competitors and the overall betterment of the properties of our patrons.

We invite all resident homeowners, local businesses, and fellow contractors to take full advantage of our veritable treasure trove of quality-oriented services, coverage, and contract-based capacities. Our in-house teams of construction crews, electrical experts, and septic specialists endeavor to maintain and grow as status as one of Bisbee, Arizona’s premier contractors with expressed, well-rounded experience.

"Choosing the right tools for the job, is second only to choosing the right people for the job!"

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